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Do you want to learn how to work with clay and discover pottery? We offer a

variety of classes, workshops and training for all skill levels.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to hone your pottery skills, we will guide

you through your journey. Our courses are designed to provide an opportunity for

students to develop their skills and creativity through a variety of techniques.

You will learn to “throw” cylinders, bowls, vases and much more on the wheel

and fashion hand-built creations that will amaze you. You will also have the

opportunity to explore different materials, glaze colours and decoration

techniques. In addition to traditional courses, we offer specialized group, on-site

hand-building workshops.

The artist  takes real pleasure in sharing his knowledge with the community. As a result, his workshops are perfectly adapted for schools, municipalities and for different types of age and organizations.

Façonner l'argile


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