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Teresa Ten-Westeneind has been a pottery enthusiast for more than 20 years. Creativity

through pottery is a way of life for her. She established her own workshop so that she

could live a life full of joy and share her talents with the community.


1990 - Enrollment in the Waterloo Potters; Workshop, Waterloo, Ontario

1990 - Completed Beginners Hand Building Course (I).

1991 - Completed Beginner Wheel Course (I).

1992 - Completed Intermediate Wheel Course (II).

1993 - Completed Advanced Wheel Course (III).

1993 - Completed bisque and glaze firing course.

1993 - Completed glaze course (colours and compositions).

1994 - Completed Advanced Hand Building Course (II).

1995 to 2015 - Family and professional break.

2016 - Completed Intermediate Wheel Course at Haliburton School of Fine Arts,  Ontario

2016 - Registered with the potters’ workshop at Credit Valley Artisans, Ontario

2017 - Completed Raku course at Valley Artisans

2017 - Completed Naked Raku course at Haliburton School of Fine Arts (summer)

2018 - Completed the Advanced Wheel Course at Haliburton School of Fine Arts 

2019 – Registered with the workshop at the Centre de Céramique de Sainte-Foy.

2020 - Enrolled in the “Firing and Kiln Maintenance” Centre d Céramique de Sainte-

Foy (For electric ceramic kilns).


November 2020 – Registration of my company “Poterie-Terre-de-la-Rivière”


Pottery Creations:

 For your Home

 For Decorating

 For Solemn Events (urns, plaques, treasures made to order)

 Pottery courses – Hand Building and wheel (1, 2 or 3 students, workshops and retreats)

 Creations made to order


The artist  is also an experienced teacher who likes to guide her students in learning pottery, according to their rhythms and needs. Each course is unique and its learning methods are personalized for each environment.


She takes real pleasure in sharing her knowledge with the community. As a result, his workshops are perfectly adapted for schools, municipalities and for different types of age and organizations.

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