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shaping course

shaping course



Shaping course:

Techniques of working with clay by hand: hollowing out, pinching, plates and coils. Explanations of manufacturing and decoration techniques through demonstrations and examples adapted to each course.


Level 1 and level 2 courses are offered each semester.

Each lesson includes 2 hours of preparation of the degourds and the enamelled parts.


Lessons must be scheduled each week on the same day(s) for a minimum duration of 2 hours. Weekly lessons can be rescheduled within 48 hours and there will be no lost lessons for the client.


Each client is rested to clean the equipment, the useful ones and their place of work after each session (cleaning time is free).


Each course includes an additional two (2) hours for preparation of objects made during the course for biscuit firing and glaze application.


Not included in the cost: Supply (see table)


>> 10 kg 1⁄2 bag of clay at $15 (+ GST + QST)

>> 20 kg bag of clay at $25 (+ GST + QST)

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